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Unyielding protection in every roll, our security shutters stand as guardians of your peace of mind, securing both premises and serenity.

Security shutters are essential these days, as much for homes as for offices. However, security shutters do not necessarily have to mean drab-looking bulky frames and grills that look out of place on your property. Security shutters have evolved over the years. They now come in various sleek models and designs that perfectly match and complement existing furnishings in homes and offices without compromising the security aspect. Simply Shutters and Shades has many options for security shutters across Adelaide in terms of strength, aesthetics and operability.

Enhanced Security

The primary goal of security shutters is, of course, to provide excellent security measures. Our security shutters are strong, sport wider spans and have several locking options to provide owners with easy access while locking out intruders. Our range of security roller shutters Adelaide also includes screen doors and windows featuring standard security screens in various designs. From decorative cast grills to sleek and trendy mesh designs made of stainless steel, our designs are sure to enhance the appearance of homes and office spaces while making it impossible for intruders to break in and cause damage.

Locking Options

The standard locking options for security roller shutters across Adelaide include the triple locking system and deadlocks. Our security shutters also possess automatic and manual options, enabling you to choose which one works best as per your requirements. The triple locking system and deadlocks maximize protection, keeping your family and property safe from harm.

Weather Protection

Our aluminium security shutters are effective in deflecting rain and protect from extreme temperatures. Much like our roller shutters, our security shutters also offer excellent insulation, helping you to save up on energy costs and providing protection from both the weather and against intruders.

Privacy Measures

As always, our clients have the control to manage the amount of privacy they need in their homes and offices. Our security shutters come in many designs and varieties that offer varying degrees of privacy. Combined with our blinds and shutters, you can convert your home and office space into personal fortresses that keep out noise, the elements and preserve your peace and privacy.

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