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Where timeless elegance meets functional design. Enjoy privacy, control over light, and a touch of sophistication that transforms any space into a haven of comfort and style

Multi Purpose 

Discover our versatile plantation shutters, available in sliding and hinged designs for both doors and windows. These shutters also serve as stylish room dividers in larger spaces. Transform your kitchen with our repurposed plantation shutter buffet benches, adding a touch of trendy elegance. Indoors or outdoors, these benches remain timeless. Our plantation shutters offer motorized and manual choices, ensuring ultimate convenience. With motorised options, controlling shutters is effortless from your couch or bed, eliminating the need to move.

Colours & Materials

Our plantation shutters combine beautiful form and function to bring to your home graceful window treatments that are worth the money. We have a broad range of colours and styles, apart from the classic white and natural wood-brown models, that are sure to suit a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. There are also a diverse selection of products available, e.g., plastic, timber, aluminium. All our models enable varying degrees of light filtering to suit your exact needs.

Be In Control

Plantation shutters are great at temperature control and noise control. They lower the outside noise to an appreciable degree and offer good insulation to homes and offices, whatever may be the season. All other shutters merely offer functionalities; plantation shutters combine it with aesthetics.

Superior Style and Class

Plantation shutters combine functionality with aesthetics, bringing a touch of superior class and style. There is nothing quite like a bedroom or any room for that matter, with the morning light filtering in just right through the slats of plantation shutters.

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