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Bright Living Space
Curtains are not just fabric; they're the silent storytellers of your home, weaving privacy, elegance, and warmth into the very fabric of your life.

Light Control 
and 100% Blockout

Our fabric options allow varying degrees of light filtering to downright 100% blockout, ideal for meeting rooms in offices and commercial establishments, schools and home theatres. Our pleasantly designed, washable fabrics with various light-filtering capacities enable our clients to choose multiple fabrics for multiple rooms and settings.

Pleasing Furnishings

Our teams work closely with clients right from the quoting stage and pay close attention to detail as one size does not fit all. Our custom-made window treatments are compact, focus on aesthetics and are built in such a way as to manipulate height and space to produce the illusion of space. So whether you have plenty of space or are short of space, Simply Shutters will help unique design fittings that appeal to the senses.

Enhanced Privacy

Curtains play a crucial role in the realm of interior design, acting as both functional and aesthetic elements in our living spaces. Beyond their decorative charm, curtains provide us with a sense of privacy that is essential for our comfort and well-being. They serve as a shield against the outside world, allowing us to retreat into our personal sanctuaries, away from prying eyes and the hustle and bustle of the external environment.

and Manual Control

Though smart blinds arrival has removed the need for motorised and manual control of blinds, we still have retained these functions for those desiring them. So our aesthetically pleasing and washable fabrics can not only be controlled over Wi-Fi but also manually or through hand held or wall-mounted remotes as befits the surroundings.

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